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Through processes based in photochemistry, abrasive etching, chemical etching and other technologies, IKONICS participates in a diverse spectrum of markets. From traditional and high-tech screen printing, to decorative and industrial etching.

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Photoresist Films Photoresist Films The lifeblood of any sandcarving operation is the photoresist. The finest equipment and the most talented operator are rendered incompetent when the photoresist fails to perform, ruining valuable substrates, wasting critical time and compromising profitability. The most successful sandcarving businesses recognize this imperative. IKONICS Imaging has spent more time, more Research & Development dollars, more intellectual property and more corporate energy developing its world-leading line of photoresist films. Peruse the following pages that highlight the best-selling, best-performing photoresists in the world. See more online at www.ikonicsimaging.com. The only photoresist film on the market that requires absolutely no washout RapidMask dry processing, self-adhesive, photoresist films are by far the most innovative films available. With fine detail halftone making ability and strong blast resistance, the combination of RapidMask High Detail and RapidMask High Tack provide an effortless sandcarving experience. RapidMask films��� step into the future of sandcarving. TM 4 TM ���Dry Processing ���Self-Adhesive ���Fine Halftone Making Ability ���Strong Blast Resistance TM Rapid Washout. Repositionable. High Resolution. R3 (3mil), R4 (4mil) and R5 (5 mil) photoresist films make decorative sandcarving simple, productive and enjoyable. R3, R4 and R5 are engineered for professional sandcarving applications in which quickprocessing and high production are critical. R3, R4 and R5 promote efficient mask production by eliminating the time-consuming and messy application of adhesive. ���Self-Adhesive ���High Resolution ���Repositionable ���Fast Washout World leader in sandcarving solutions. 11 (800) 643-1037

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