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2017 Annual Report

Through processes based in photochemistry, abrasive etching, chemical etching and other technologies, IKONICS participates in a diverse spectrum of markets. From traditional and high-tech screen printing, to decorative and industrial etching.

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3 PART I Item 1. Business General IKONICS Corporation ("IKONICS" or the "Company") was incorporated in Minnesota as Chroma-Glo, Inc. in 1952 and changed its name to The Chromaline Corporation in 1982. In December 2002, the Company changed its name to IKONICS Corporation. The Company's three traditional businesses, Domestic, IKONICS Imaging and Export, have been the development, manufacture and selling of photosensitive liquids ("emulsions") and films for the screen printing awards and recognition industries and dye sublimation markets. These sales have been augmented with inkjet receptive films, ancillary chemicals and related equipment to provide a full line of products and services to its customers. These products are sold worldwide primarily through distributors. In 2006, the Company began a major effort to diversify and expand its business to industrial markets. These efforts now include the Company's Advanced Material Solutions ("AMS") business unit which uses the Company's proprietary processes and photoresist film for the abrasive etching of composite materials, industrial ceramics, silicon wafers, and glass wafers. The customer base for AMS is primarily the aerospace and electronics industries. Based on its expertise in ultraviolet curable fluids and inkjet receptive substrates, the Company has also developed a patented digital texturing technology ("DTX") for putting patterns and textures into steel molds for the plastic injection molding industry. The original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") for the Company's DTX technology is primarily the automotive industry. The Company offers a suite of products to the mold making industry. Industrial inkjet printers, which are integral to the DTX system, are manufactured by a third party and sold by IKONICS. The Company's business plan is to sell consumable fluids and transfer films. For most markets, these sales are direct to the mold maker. The DTX technology is also utilized in prototyping where the Company's technology offers a unique combination of high definition, large format prints, and abrasion resistance. Products The Company has four primary technology platforms: ultraviolet (UV) chemistry, film coating and construction, technical abrasive etching, and industrial inkjet printing. The Company's traditional products and new initiatives are based on these platforms and their combinations. The Company's Chromaline branded products for the screen printing industry and IKONICS Imaging products for the awards and recognition market are based on UV chemistry and film coating and construction capabilities; the AMS offering is a combination of UV chemistry, film coating and construction and technical abrasive etching capabilities; DTX is a combination of UV chemistry, film coating and construction, and industrial inkjet printing. There is overlap and synergy in the market between the Domestic, Ikonics Imaging, AMS and DTX product offerings, and the Company offers ancillary products, including equipment to provide customers with a total solution. The Company considers this combination of core technologies and product offerings to be unique. Distribution and Customers The Company currently has approximately 200 domestic and international distributors for its Chromaline and ImageMate screen printing emulsions and films. The Company's abrasive etching products are mainly sold directly to end users in the awards and recognition market under the Ikonics Imaging brand. AMS products are sold either directly to users or the Company offers AMS as a service. DTX includes the sales of consumable inks and films to customers that have purchased specialized industrial inkjet printers from the Company's strategic partner. DTX sales are both direct to users and through distributors. The Company markets and sells its products through magazine advertising, trade shows and the internet. The Company has a diverse customer base both domestically and abroad, with international sales accounting for 31.0% of total sales in 2017 and 28.0% of total sales in 2016, and does not depend on one or a few customers for a material portion of its revenues. In 2017 and 2016, no one customer accounted for more than 10% of net sales. Quality Control in Manufacturing In March 1994, IKONICS became the first company in northern Minnesota to receive ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9000 is a worldwide standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization that provides a framework for quality assurance. The Company has been recertified every three years beginning in

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