Breaking News! Elite Medallion Found

October 4, 2016 admin

IKONICS Imaging is pleased, and excited, to announce the winner of the 2016 Elite Medallion Hunt is Ray and Melissa Glenn with Stenciled Stones™ in Jeannette, PA. Congratulations on winning the CrystalBlast Elite sandcarving machine and all it has to offer.

Hidden inside a box of RapidMask film, shipped from JDS Industries, they found the sandcarved, golden Elite medallion. Ray didn’t realize what he had won at first and thought the medallion was a unique marketing tactic. Ray eventually figured it out, from a stone engraving friend in Michigan, that he was actually the owner of a new CrystalBlast Elite sandcarving machine! Ray immediately contacted IKONICS Imaging with the good news and received a CrystalBlast Elite right at his front doorstep. The Glenn’s still can’t believe this is real. Ray said, “I’m still waiting for IKONICS Imaging to send me a bill in the mail.”

Stenciled Stones was established in 2012 and their core industry is focused on sandcarving stone.  Their main products range from personalized yard stones to house markers, fundraising brick pavers and pet memorials.  They can do it all when it comes to stone engraving! With the new CrystalBlast Elite, and ease of RapidMask’s dry-process film, Stenciled Stones can expand their offerings and focus on new industries such as personalized glass etchings including barware, gifts, awards, and more. The combination of the CrystalBlast Elite and RapidMask allow for endless possibilities when it comes to sandcarving. The Elite not only allows for a clean sandcarving environment, it’s also capable of creating fine and detailed etchings which has really given Ray a, ‘piece of mind,’ knowing he’s using top-of-the-line equipment that produces high-end results in a safe, dust free environment. Check out Ray’s photo of his sandcarved halftone on a wine bottle. Believe it or not, this is the first halftone he has ever done! The combination of the CrystalBlast Elite and RapidMask are truly a unique pair that can open the door of opportunities and facilitate growth within any company.

For more information on Stenciled Stones, visit online at

Would you like to be in Stenciled Stones position and have a CrystalBlast Elite arrive at your doorstep? The reality is possible! There’s one more golden elite medallion out there! Click here for more information on joining the hunt for the second elite medallion!


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