Master the Sandcarving 2-Step

June 27, 2017 admin


Sandcarving is a quick, clean, and simple process that will diversify any business. Sandcarving not only allows for deep etching capabilities with sharp, clean lines, but it also offers techniques unique to sandcarving that will increase the value of any project. These techniques include halftone, or photographic etching, frosting capabilities, complex curves, and the popular multistage carving capability! Focusing on multistage carving, there’s a very simple, two-stage sandcarving process. To further simplify the procedure, we’re using RapidMask, the only dry-process film on the market, which saves even more time and resources. The simple steps below prove how quickly and easily a two-stage carve can be achieved on glass—and you’ll be amazed at how one easy technique can increase the value of any project. Click to read full story.

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