November 2017 Newsletter

November 8, 2017 admin

Winter came early this year in Duluth, MN! Exciting things are happening this month. We are introducing our NEW SubTHAT! Dye Sublimation Transfer Film. Learn how to ramp-up production with the combination of R-Series film and AquaBlast Pioneer washout unit. Let the holidays begin! Shop our Lake Superior Glass lines for upcoming projects. Lastly, did you know you can sandcarve stone?


New SubTHAT! Dye Sublimation Transfer Film

IKONICS is entering the dye sublimation market with SubTHAT! Dye Sublimation Transfer Film. Developed in Duluth, MN and made in the USA, SubTHAT! transforms raw materials into sublimation-ready products. This is truly a revolution in the sublimation industry, saygoodbye to pre-treated substrates. Learn More!

Thanks for a Great 2017

With over 20 events this year, IKONICS Imaging would sincerely like to thank everyone who has made it out to a trade show, seminar, open house or any other event this year. It’s been a pleasure working with you all – both new faces and familiar faces. These events are extremely fundamental not only in helping you, our customers, thrive and advance, but also helping IKONICS Imaging grow, learn and adapt. Any Feedback?

Who’s on Your Team?

AquaBlast Pioneer + R-Series Film = Efficiency. Time to ramp-up production for the upcoming season with the AquaBlast Pioneer, automated washout unit, and R-Seriesquick-processing photoresist film. Not only does the Pioneer save water, time and money, but is affordable with leasing options as low as $55/month. R-Series photoresist films make sandcarving simple with rapid washout, repositionability and high resolution capabilities. Together, these two are unstoppable. Watch Basic Process!

Baby –  It’s Getting Cold Outside

Looking for a memorable gift to personalize this holiday season? Maybe you received a last-minute holiday sandcarving job? Lake Superior Glass has you covered! Our glass line offers high-quality, custom glass that’s cost-effective, unique and it’s ready to ship.Shop Now!

Cozy Up this Season

Warm up by the fire with our LSG-HollowWare line of barware sets. From hot chocolates to hot toddies, LSG-HollowWare offers the ultimate quality and style of non-lead crystal barware. Browse our wide array of crystal barware, stemware, gifts and blows. ‘Tis the season for personalization. Shop Now!

Sandcarving Stone  Easy as Riding a Bike

When it comes to sandcarving, it’s so much more than just etching glass. Did you know that you can achieve deep etching, sharp lines and high details when sandcarving stone? We’re talking about almost any stone; marble, granite, sandstone, river rock, you name it. There are a few important essentials to keep in mind when sandcarving stone. 

 >> Thicker Film. A thick photoresist film is recommended, MMX 10 mil is a great example. The thicker the film, the deeper the blast which produces better results.

>> Film Adhesion. Make sure the photoresist film adheres successfully to the stone. If gluing or an additional adhesion is needed, be sure to take into account additional drying time. Make sure the mask adheres successfully to the substrate before blasting.

>> Coarser Grit. Around 150 grit size or larger is recommended when it comes to stone. Keep in mind, depending on the depth and detail of the project, sandcarving stone will take longer to complete than traditional, small and quick glass etchings.

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