S2 Ep2: Will It Blast? - Sandblasted Bamboo Cutting Board

October 17, 2018
https://ikonicsimaging.com | In this episode of Will It Blast?, Peter and Amber test bamboo serving items just in time for Thanksgiving. From cutting boards to bowls to wooden spoons, find out if bamboo will blast. --- --- Do you have a substrate you want us to test? Comment below with suggestions for the next episode of Will It Blast? and we will put your ideas to the test. --- --- Products used in this video: CrystalBlast Elite: https://ikonicsimaging.com/equipment/sandcarvers/crystalblast-elite.html R5 Film (5mil): https://ikonicsimaging.com/r-series-sheets.html 180 Grit Silicon Carbide: https://ikonicsimaging.com/silicon-carbide.html Glass Cleaner (for moisture): https://ikonicsimaging.com/glass-cleaner.html Wire Wheel: https://ikonicsimaging.com/wire-wheel.html --- --- IKONICS Imaging is your Total Solution Supplier for quality sandcarving equipment and products. Contact us today! --- ---

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