S3 Simple Sandcarve Software - Beginner Tutorial

November 1, 2019

In this in-depth tutorial for beginners, Mel covers a wide range of S3 topics from setup to printing. --- --- S3 is the ONLY software available that was created specifically with the sandcarving industry in mind. Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options and settings in other artwork design programs? Do you want a program that requires less steps to meet your basic artwork needs for sandcarving? Are you looking for an affordable option without a monthly subscription cost or constant upgrade fees? S3 Simple Sandcarve Software is the answer! --- --- Interested in S3? Download a free trial today! https://ikonicsimaging.com/s3-buy.html --- --- IKONICS Imaging is your Total Solution Supplier for quality sandcarving equipment and products. Don't waste your time weeding vinyl stencils. Contact us today to learn more about our line of high quality photoresist films and ergonomic blast cabinets. --- --- https://ikonicsimaging.com/ --- ---

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